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What is Cian®?

Cian® Solid Surfacing is a renewable decorative surface material manufactured from an advanced blend of acrylic modified polyester resin and mineral fillers. Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials Cian® Solid Surfacing is made to stringent industry standards. It is a colour throughout material providing all the incredible benefits of solid surfacing.

More information Click Here.

What is the Acrymite® System?

BC Designs’ unique ACRYMITE system is formed of an inner and outer top quality acrylic sheet. The acrylic sheets are formed seamlessly so you see no join lines. There is no gel-coat on the outside of these baths so scratches can be easily removed. Contact on how to do this.

Where can I try your baths?

We do not have a showroom but we have many recommended retailers that show our baths around the UK. Visit our Find a Retailer page to locate your nearest displaying dealer or alternatively contact us at

Do you supply to countries outside the UK?

We have supplied for projects around the world and are more than happy to do so. Please contact us for a shipping quote at

Do your products have a Guarantee?

We offer 10 years on all our baths.

We offer 5 years on our furniture and ceramics

We offer 5 years on chrome brassware and 1 year on bespoke plated brassware

For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.

What is your Returns Policy?

Please see our Terms & Conditions for our full policy on returning goods.

We request that all goods must be inspected within three working days and any damages or faults reported to BC Designs. BC Design will not be responsible for goods after this time.

If you are a retailer and wish to return an item then please download our Returns Form and email to

Do I have to use your wastes with your baths and basins?

Most of our baths will come with a waste already fitted for your convenience. For all those that come without, we recommend that you use our wastes with our baths and basins to guarantee a perfect fit. If you are unsure about which waste is suitable then please contact us at

How do I clean and maintain my BC Designs Bath?

High Gloss Finish

To preserve the polished surface, clean your bath with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

As a weekly cleaner we recommend any suitable sanitary ware liquid cleaner. Rinse the surface clean immediately afterwards. Do not allow any liquid cleaner to stand for extended periods as this may stain the bath depending on the type of cleaning product.

Do not use powders, pastes, crème cleaners, thinners or dry cleaning fluids.

Stubborn marks and fine scratches may be removed using a car burnishing compound and soft cloth.

More serious marks may also be removable. Contact BC Designs for advice at

Damage Prevention

Always run hot and cold water simultaneously into your bath or basin. Tap settings should never exceed an absolute maximum temperature of 60°C.

Deliver water (mixed hot and cold) to the lowest point of the bath which is at the waste area.

Avoid contact with strong chemicals and solvents (stain removers, nail varnish removers, etc)

Wipe away any chemical spillages i.e. Hair dye, as soon as possible to avoid potential staining.

When coloured essential oils are used, first test that the colour will not stain your bath. If it does, a burnishing compound will remove it.

Painted Baths

We currently are only able to paint baths will a roll top, such as our Boat Bath or Excelsior Bath. We have a painting service or can advise you how to paint the bath on site.

Also see our Bath Painting page for more information

We use an Exterior Eggshell paint which has a mid-sheen.

The paint is durable, flexible and has a breathable finish.

Resistant to flaking, peeling and colour fade for up to 6 years (providing care instructions for the surface are followed).

Water and fungal resistant.

Washable and wipeable.

To clean the painted surface wipe using a warm damp cloth DO NOT SCRUB

This product is water based and must be protected from frost and extreme temperatures.

The remaining paint is best used within 6 months of purchase. Drying time is 1-2 hours surface dry and recoat after 4 hours depending on conditions.

Copper Baths

Please note that Copper baths need to be regularly maintained and waxed every few weeks to maintain a shiny, untarnished finish. For more information visit our YouTube Channel where you can find informative videos on maintaining your copper bath.

Copper baths are handcrafted using traditional techniques. They are hand made and every bathtub is a unique work of art completely different from one to the next. All of the curves and bends are made with no more than a hammer, an experienced eye and a strong arm.

Variations and undulations will occur which is why each piece is distinctive. There will be blemishes, marks and small scratches in some areas and inevitably, due to the authentic characteristics of the material, surface textures will be visible.

Routinely clean with warm soapy water and a nonabrasive cloth and dry immediately after use. Avoid dripping taps, sharp objects and the use of harsh chemicals.

Maintain the finish by re-applying a suitable wax seal regularly every 4-6 weeks depending on use. If the wax wears off and oxidisation develops on the copper surface, clean the item with a fine metal cleaner, such as Autosol, and then re-apply the wax.

To keep the nickel finish, the wax seal should be maintained by regular reapplication. Do not use metal cleaner on nickel plated items. If unsure please contact BC Designs before attempting to use any cleaning products.

To secure your Copper Bath.

  1. Position the bath
  2. Draw around the bath with chalk/washable marker.
  3. Lift off bath.
  4. Measure plinth width (each bath varies slightly)
  5. Take away measurement of the rim to get your internal width.
  6. Cut wooden batons and fix to floor (using screws or mastic) along the long front
    and long back side of the bath so that they sit within the internal width of the plinth.
  7. Rub away any marks
  8. Sit Bath on batons
  9. Silicone (with clear silicone) around the base of the plinth to seal & secure.

Our Copper baths are made from 99.5+% 15-18 gauge Pure Copper.

How long do painted baths take to arrive?

Our painted baths are on a 25 day lead time

Can I paint my bath in any paint?

Bespoke painted baths need to be painted in an exterior eggshell finish. Our main partners are Farrow & Ball, Little Green and Fenwick & Tilbrook, however we can bespoke paint your chosen bath in any paint brand or colour you desire if it is available in an exterior eggshell.


We aim to fulfil your order on or before the delivery date agreed, however unless a premium service has been ordered we cannot guarantee a specific date or time.

Bath deliveries are palletised and made Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. We do not use our own transport and the service provided is ‘Kerbside to Kerbside’ heavy goods haulage. Delivery will be made to your warehouse or as close as possible to the entrance of any retail or residential address provided. The driver is not insured nor is it his/her responsibility to offload or take goods inside your premises.

Please ensure that you inspect your bath within three working days – after this point we are unable to consider any claims of damage.

Please contact the office if you would like any further information on deliveries – 01206 827100.