LED Lighting

Ledseal IP20 LED Tilting Downlight
£74.99 inc VAT
£62.49 exc
IP68 LED Flood light
£91.00 inc VAT
£75.83 exc
IP68 LED Spot light
£91.00 inc VAT
£75.83 exc
IP68 LED Square flood lights
£86.40 inc VAT
£72.00 exc
LED Lyte Mini IP65
£53.00 inc VAT
£44.17 exc


BC Designs prides itself on quality, innovation, and originality. Started in 1999 the company has become a well respected bathroom design house that offers beautifully crafted products to all areas of the bathroom market.

Their bath collections, including the Cian® and Acrymite® ranges, have been imitated, but never matched.


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