Baths - Polished & Primed Solid Cast Aluminium
Excelsior Cast Aluminium black primed with Polished Aluminium Plinth
Excelsior primed with ball & claw feet
Excelsior polished with ball & claw feet
£3,915.00 exc£4,698.00 inc VAT
£3,335.00 exc£4,002.00 inc VAT
£3,455.00 exc£3,999.00 inc VAT
Reduced- Excelsior polished with Ball & Claw feet
Excelsior primed with plinth
Bath painting service
£3,332.50 exc£3,999.00 inc VAT
£3,915.00 exc£4,698.00 inc VAT
£245.00 exc£294.00 inc VAT
Excelsior white acrylic with polished plinth
Boat Bath  Double-Skinned Acrylic 1580mm  NEW!
Boat Bath  Double-Skinned Acrylic 1800mm
£1,499.00 exc£1,798.80 inc VAT
£995.00 exc£1,194.00 inc VAT
£1,150.00 exc£1,380.00 inc VAT
Boat Bath Solid Cast Aluminium Polished
Boat Bath Solid Cast Aluminium Primed
CASINI Solid Surface Thinn Bath
£3,585.00 exc£4,302.00 inc VAT
£3,450.00 exc£4,140.00 inc VAT
£3,330.00 exc£3,996.00 inc VAT
Excelsior polished aluminium bath with plinth
Senator Bath
SENATOR Bath with Globe Feet
£3,915.00 exc£4,698.00 inc VAT
£4,250.00 exc£5,100.00 inc VAT
From £4,250.00 exc£5,100.00 inc VAT
£2,999.00 exc£3,598.80 inc VAT


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